India has been a prosperous country for time immemorial with agriculture as its main occupation. Our country has been a pioneer in farming practices; spreading its fame and popularity across geographical boundaries. But the exponential increase in population and the advent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides provided a quick fix solution to farmers to meet the ever growing demand for food. The entry of GM crops has made mankind guinea pigs.  The result? Soil rendered unfit for crops owing to saturation of chemical levels and severe ill effects on the consumers. New diseases have found their way into the dictionaries and our bodies too. Farmers all over have realized the hazards of quick fixes and the immediate need to go back to our age old farming techniques. All over the world and especially in India, farmers are voluntarily getting themselves educated

I can think of no better way to pay back to mother-earth during any kind of crisis thanserving on farmland or using my experience in agriculture. In some ways, farmland is even better than gold or silver. At least farmland is an intrinsically useful thing. It provides a tangible yield in the form of good things from the earth. We all have to eat. As consumers trim their sails, they‘ll give up a lot before they give up their calorie intake. In fact, worldwide, the per capita calorie intake is likely to rise, while quality soil will become a scarce commodity. Altogether, I see five big reasons why spending money here is as good as green channel … Reason #1 Grain inventories are falling to their lowest levels in more than 40 years Obviously, we can’t continue to dip into inventories. The natural response