Combining the pursuit of commercial farming with the intention of environmental responsibility,
Hosachiguru creates an investment friendly climate for you. It starts with us identifying large tracts of arable land, from which customers can then cherry-pick highly appreciating farmland. Our flexible and cost-effective investment options are well suited to the tax-free agricultural income culture in India, a country that enjoys 100% FDI in protected cultivation. All Hosachiguru investment options are long-term and can earn you a spate of benefits:

Agricultural returns from a piece of high potential farming land

Returns from the appreciation of the land parcel

Optimal returns with good ROI

Long term returns from timber yield

State-of-the-art precision farming technology

A team with years of experience to handle all your farming needs

A triumvirate of real estate investment, remote farming and a green venture

Green Units

In a world obsessed with investing in real estate, we bring home the concept of “green units.” As an individual investor looking for a stable form of investment, your “green unit” can actually be your path to great returns as well as doing your bit for the planet. At Hosachiguru, we acquire large parcels of land, so that as an individual investor or farming aspirant, you can then cherry-pick a size you like. What’s more, the piece of land does not sit idle as we bring all our farming expertise to the table and ensure you have a high yield of fruit or timber. We then use our industry experience to market the produce not just nationally but also internationally – thus leaving you with an asset that’s valuable, yielding and yet, close to Nature.

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Agri Asset Management

Realising that the world of farming is a vast one, where farming aspirants as well as farmers need a way to share and exchange, Hosachiguru came up with agri asset management services. Digging into our fast growing knowledge of labour usage, farming, sourcing as well as marketing, we’ve been able to become the middle ground for this sort of exchange. In this bundle of services, we seamlessly move from being consultants and advisors to daily farm hands to experts in relevant farm technology. In effect, we closely engage with day-to-day farming activities, extending our expertise to helping businesses and individuals choose the right seeds and fertilizers, understanding their requirements to the last detail and deploying correct farm technology on farm lands. This multi-pronged approach works in reducing labour costs as well as providing high yields.

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Agri Services

India is blessed with an investment climate where investors worldwide can make the most of 100% FDI in protected cultivation and tax-free income. At Hosachiguru, over the years, we’ve channeled investments by individual as well as institutional investors into open field cultivation projects and protected cultivation projects. In the process, our work in agri services has successfully implemented projects such as Bristlecone, EOS and Greenrock.

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