A Timeline of Heartwood Formation

Authors: Dr Ashutosh Srivastava Heartwood formation is a complex process in woody plants, where a series of changes occur in the plant both physiologically and cytologically, resulting in formation of heartwood i.e., timber of commerce (Plomion et al. 2001). This blog is written in the simplest form so that a reader without deep knowledge of […]

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Transformation Stories Part 1: Creating Macro-Forests

Drylands typically face severe water scarcity and commonly have scanty and dry vegetation. They cover 41% of the earth’s land surface and house an estimated 2 billion people (FAO, 2019). While drylands are adaptable to climatic variability and water stress, they are also vulnerable to degradation by anthropogenic activities such as deforestation, urbanization, and unsustainable […]

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Sandalwood: Miracle Parasite of India

Santalum album L. (East Indian Sandalwood) is a medium-sized semi-parasitic tree which can reach to a height of 33 to 66 feet. It is called as a miracle tree because of its immense uses in trade and traditional form of medicine in South East Asia. As it is semi parasitic in nature it prefers to […]

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Nature’s gift from dead cells : Heartwood

Wood has been a companion of humans since prehistoric times and has been through the passage of civilisations. In today’s context of ‘Global warming’ an alarming emergency, wood is the most carbon neutral material available. Heartwood is the most important natural and endlessly renewable source of energy and therefore has a major role as an […]

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Heartwood Formation

Tree Intelligence at work : Heartwood Formation

One might wonder. How does tree start production of heartwood? What happens in tree that triggers formation of heartwood? Let’s understand the process of heartwood formation from the metabolic perspective of plant. All of us know that tree is a living entity with trillions of living cells. Each cell in a tree carries out all […]

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Sandalwood Cultivation

Be a part of a thriving economical segment – Sandalwood Cultivation

Introduction Sandalwood was once considered as the primary source of Mysore state economy where the entire budget was planned based on sandalwood. Although India has been known for its sandalwood production for decades, it was largely confined to the forests of South Indian states and the plantations of these state governments. But, a policy change […]

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