Bee-School: Why are Bees essential to sustaining food forests?

Authors: Nihal Anand & Shivtej Mandve Many things come to one’s mind when one thinks of bees. That singular buzz in the air. The prick of the sting. The sweet smell and taste of the honey. And every child’s worst nightmare, those huge honeycombs hanging off trees. As children, we all read about how twelve […]

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Conserving Soil for Generations to Come

Authors: Dr Ashutosh Srivastava Soil, also known as “Skin of mother earth”, is a product of millions of years of weathering of parent rocks and transportation of minerals from far off places through wind, water, and other agents.  Soil is the largest source of the medium supporting terrestrial land life forms, and comprises of the […]

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Water accountability at Hosachiguru

Although it appears otherwise, there is plenty of water on earth. The primary issues are quality and uneven spatiotemporal distribution that make it inaccessible. But, the most fundamental of all issues is not the scarcity of water, but weak water management practices. Managing a life resource requires adequate knowledge of watershed hydrology and implementation of […]

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Efficient Water Management

Efficient Water Management Methods & Techniques for Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Water Management in Agriculture Water is considered to be the most important resource for sustainable farming development worldwide. The fresh water supplies are already being diverted from agriculture to meet the rising demand of domestic and industrial use. The sustainable use of irrigation water must be greatly focused for farming in arid areas. India […]

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