Agroforestry: Shaping India’s Green Economy

Agroforestry is a low-cost method of integrated land management where trees are cultivated along with cash crops. Cultivating trees in combination with crops and cattle is an ancient traditional practice across South-east Asia. In India, the practice of growing sacred trees scattered across farms is an age-old practice. Most efforts in agroforestry have been focused […]

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Focus on better farming

Better Farming for better productivity and prosperity

India has been a prosperous country for time immemorial with agriculture as its main occupation. Our country has been a pioneer in farming practices; spreading its fame and popularity across geographical boundaries. But the exponential increase in population and the advent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides provided a quick fix solution to farmers to meet […]

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Is farmland is even better than gold or silver

Agriculture Sandalwood was once considered as the primary source of Mysore state economy where the entire budget was planned based on sandalwood. I can think of no better way to pay back to mother-earth during any kind of crisis thanserving on farmland or using my experience in agriculture. In some ways, farmland is even better […]

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agricultural farmland in India

Benefits of investing in agricultural farmland

Most of us dream of owning a piece of agricultural land, where we can fulfill our passion for farming as well as use it as a weekend getaway. Investing in agricultural farmlands in India has great advantages; the major one being that income earned from and the profit made from selling the farmland are free […]

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Stop migrating

Stay where you are! Stop migrating to cities

India, the second most populated country in the world, has an average of 25-30 people migrating from rural areas to urban cities every minute. Many of these people migrate to find a better livelihood and lifestyle in the cities. As per ‘Invest India’, if migration from rural areas to urban cities continues at the same […]

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