Hosachiguru brings to you a “Managed Farm Land” that is being developed in 35 acres of land.

Situated in a location where one can witness the finest blend of commercial development along with agriculture, Bristlecone aims at farm land enrichment as well as generating attractive returns for green conscious stakeholders.

Why buy our managed farmland?

Land without any hassle of maintenance

Access to a farm house

Own a farm and connect with nature

Tax efficient income

Returns from land appreciation

24/7 security, operations and maintenance

Weekend Gateway

Earn profits through crops harvested

Farm lands have appreciated better than real estate, gold and equities

Hedge against inflation

Right choice of high appreciation farmland units close to Bangalore

A great gift for the future generations


Easy access to farm labour

Proximity to bengaluru,hyderabad, amaravati and chennai markets

Arid farm ecological zone with great water source

Soil types are suitable for horticulture, timberland and perennial crops

At HosaChiguru we believe in delivering what is best for our members/ clients. Our expertise in the field of agronomy and with our strategic planning and development of the farmland could add a great value to your investment.

Secure Your Future with Timber. To know more, watch the video below.