Own a Green Asset & Build your own Food Forest!

Farm your way into a greener tomorrow.
Turn your vision of owning your farmland into reality with Hosachiguru. Build a safe and secure regenerative haven, and enjoy the promise of blissful life for generations to come.

We are excited to present our latest farm projects in the green pockets of North and South Bangalore. Each design is articulated with absolute precision keeping in mind the traditional and modern methods to perfectly suit the needs of our co-farmers, maximize yields and enhance biodiversity. All the farm plots are carefully curated based on the principles of permaculture to ensure healthy crops and a wholesome experience for every individual. From eco-retreat cottages, and security & surveillance to soil and water management systems and lots more, we've got you covered!

These farmlands are not just any other investment but are green assets that will help you garner a wealth of experience and happiness.


Starts at Rs. 24.50 Lacs Onwards

Eco-habitat is a stunning farmland that touches on the sweet spot between being an excellent investment while also giving back to nature!


Starts at Rs. 24.50 Lacs Onwards

En route to Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary and a beautiful drive through a quaint hamlet known as Little England, just 45 minutes south of Electronic City, you will come across 120+ acres of rolling farmlands. The farm is extremely fertile, with natural water sources and rainfall of 1000mm+. The emphasis is laid on the sustainable management of farmland using Permaculture principles. Sambrahma gives you a chance to take a step back from the tedious schedule and rejuvenate yourself while connecting with nature


Starts at Rs. 32.67 Lacs Onwards

Dhaanvi Farms have been designed by nature itself and Hosachiguru aims to keep it that way. Dhaanvi is about creating regenerative and sustainable human systems that will enhance biodiversity, create habitat, and provide sustainable yields over time. Spread across 60+ acres, tucked cozily in between the Sangama River & the majestic hills bordering Karnataka & Tamil Nadu lies your homestead.


Hosachiguru heralds the coming-of-age of agricultural land management. While primarily being a farm asset management company, we're driven by our love for Nature. This makes us approach agriculture in a humane, scientific way, involving methods like zero residue farming, permaculture, sustainable farming and precision farming. By bringing sustainable farming principles into commercial farming, we enrich every bit of soil we take on as part of our projects.

Economic Advantage

With the drastic changes in the real estate landscape recently, potential investors are looking at smarter options to ensure healthier returns and value appreciation. The changing market scenario combined with dropping interest rates make land the most viable investment option today.

Opting for your own farmland is a rewarding opportunity, especially considering the economic, environmental and social impact it creates for us collectively. Fertile land with healthy water availability is becoming increasingly limited in supply. Now is the best time to adopt and nurture farmlands to create long-term sustainability.

At Hosachiguru, we aim to create investor satisfaction with the opportunity for long term wealth creation. Here, you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and connect with nature peacefully, whilst we manage your farmland for you.

What Our Farmlands Offer

  • A weekend retreat to connect with nature
  • Chance to build a retirement amidst nature
  • Safe and secure investment
  • Tax-free income
  • Earn yields from harvested crops on your farmland
  • Higher return on investment with land appreciation over time
  • Participate in improving regional flora and fauna
  • Long-term wealth creation from timber cultivation such as sandalwood, teak, mahogany and melia dubia


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