For some of us, this is the beginning of a green journey towards sustainability. For others, it's an eternal food source & weekend retreat for our families. Yet, for all of us, it's the creation of a long-lasting legacy that will benefit our children, our community and our environment.

Hosachiguru is proud to plow along with you.

Welcome to the Most Serenely Located

Enroute Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary and a beautiful drive through a quaint hamlet known as Little England, just 45 mins south of Electronic City, you’ll come across 120+ acres of rolling farmlands. With forest views on one side and a picturesque countryside on the other, the farm is extremely fertile, with natural water sources and a rainfall of 750mm. The hill station type climate makes it ideal to grow just about any vegetable and the changing landscapes ensure every trip here is unique.

Project Highlights

Wild Zone

Camping and Bonfire

Butterfly Parks

Aroma Gardens

Food or Timber Forest of your choice.

A holistic lifestyle

Tech enabled farmplot management

Long-Lasting Legacy

Animal Interaction Zone

Outdoor Activities

Farm Life Experience

Robust community of like-minded co-farmers


Plot Size

0.25 Acre 0.5 Acre 1 Acre

Starting at ₹225 per sft

Walkthrough Sambrahma


  • Permaculture Team to help design your farm in your way
  • In-House Service Team to manage your farmhouse
  • Program Coordinators that run continuous activities that teach sustainable living and farming
  • Project Management Team to help build your dream home.
  • Cafe & Kitchen for healthy nutritious food during your farmhouse stay.

Weekly deliveries of organic veggies to your home in the city

Subsidised stay at the eco-resort cottages on a time-share basis

How managed farmplot works

Hosachiguru Managed Farmplots that are
Secure, Tech-Enabled, Sustainable and Rewarding

  • 20 Farms
  • 1 Million + Trees
  • 600+ Co-Farmer Community
  • 1000+ Acres of
    Managed Farmplots
  • 10+ Years of


Reduce Carbon

Invest in an asset class that reduces impact on evironment & converts drylands to sustainable arable land.


Syntropic and permaculture farming methods increases bio diversity and creates a haven for flora and fauna.

Cradle to

Reuse & downcylce materials used for farming and reduce use of water and other resources.

Community and

Livelihood for local farmers and staff.


A morning drive to your weekend revive.
  • 45 Minutes from Electronic City
  • 25 Minutes from Hosur Airport
  • 20 Minutes from Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary
  • 15 Minutes from Elephant Watch Tower


Hear about Farmplots experience from your fellow Co-Farmers.


Make the greener choice in real-estate today and reap the benefits for a lifetime

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