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Co-farmer at Hosachiguru!


"I have always been interested in nature conservation and green causes, though I pursued medicine professionally. This venture gave me a chance to feel that I am also a farmer and I am doing something for the environment."

Dr Srikanth K V

Cardiologist, HCG Hospital

“Yes, I get to own some land. But above that, I feel proud to be doing something for Mother Earth. Trees are going to be planted on my land, and that means I will be contributing towards a greener cover and cleaner air for everyone.”

Sathyanarayana V R

Managing Director, Consumer World

“The best part about Hosachiguru is their team. The advisory board of the company comprises of experts and leaders in their respective fields. They are completely transparent with the customers regarding business transactions.”

Shiv Kumar


“If you are looking for an investment in land with annual income too, approach Hosachiguru.”

Srinivasa Rao

Merchant Navy Officer

“Looking at the way food prices are increasing today, investing in farmland looks like the next big thing! Hosachiguru’s model is brilliant because it allows people to own farmland and does all the farming activity on their behalf. The best part is that we get to be farmers!”

Goutam Surana

Director- NeoSystek

"Really amazing event! Hospitality was excellent. Kids loved each and every aspect like pet zone, bullock cart, pottery, food and moreover the natural surroundings. For me it’s like dream come true. Thanks Hosachiguru for the lovely concept."

Bhishm Tripathi

Hosachiguru has helped in owning this farm. Owning a farm was always a dream and an emotion that was unfulfilled all my life. I would always visit my grandparents during my summer holidays back in school and would fantasize about having my own farm someday. My dream came true when I heard about Hosachiguru. Investing here has given me long term wealth gains. The fact that I don't have to maintain my land and just pay a small annual maintenance cost is what got me excited. So, even if you do not want to take care of land yourself, you can buy land from them and let them manage it for you and enjoy the benefits.

Kazol Singh

From booking to till registration I have wonderful experience with hosachiguru. I think Hosachiguru is the number ONE organization for Farm management in India. Team is ready to help you 24x7 even during their holidays and festival time.

Niladri Das Mahapatra

"In the month of July we had two vacations in Hosachiguru. One in Eco habitat and another in Bristle Cone. We had wonderful hospitality on both occasions with the staff working with a lot of care and looking after us. Girish was extraordinary, always bringing in a subtle connection and at the end of the trip we felt he was part of our extended family. Raju also came down to Bristle cone and did wonderful teaming with Girish to give us a WOW feeling. Raju also came down to Bristle cone and did wonderful teaming with Girish to give us a WOW feeling. Pavithra and Kumar helped in getting our gift registrations done on the first day of vacation itself & ensured that the on the ground process was smooth at the registrar office. We had a glitch in the server just before our photos were taken & Kumar pitched in with his common sense & resourcefulness and resolved it, saving us another visit to Madakisira!"

Srikanth Renganathan