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Cholemarri (Andhra Pradesh), North Bangalore

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Starts from ₹30.7 Lakhs for Half Acre FarmPlots

Bristlecone: A Secure Investment in Thriving Farmland with Nature’s Beauty and Economic Potential


Discover Bristlecone, a secure investment in a managed farmland project by Hosachiguru. Nestled in a picturesque Savana-style grassland, it offers rare wildlife and abundant water.

Just 90 minutes from Bengaluru International Airport, it feels like a world away from the city.

With developed infrastructure, farm quarters, and a goshala with Desi cows, Bristlecone thrives as a functional farmland with timber trees.

Its proximity to Kia plant and associated industries ensures sustainable economic growth. Invest in Bristlecone for a greener and more secure future, with potential land appreciation and passive income from agroforestry.

Starting from ₹15 Lakhs
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O.25 acre 0.5 acre 1 acre

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Own 100% secure farm plots with clear legal titles, due diligence done by in-house advocates

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Experts are always ready to provide you the guidance to find the most suitable farm plot for you

Permaculture Specialists

Team of professionals focussed on implementing regenerative farming practices on your farm plot

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On-ground team and supervisors to manage your farm plot and plantations, whilst updating you through the MyFarm app

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Subsidized stay at the eco-resort facilities at any HC farm, only accessible by CoFarmers on a time-share basis

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Organic, fresh, nutritious and homemade food during your farm stays along with fun farming activities and games

Community Vegetable Garden

Enjoy weekly delivery of fresh, organic vegetables right to your doorstep in the city

Project Management Team

In-house architects to help you design and build your dream farmhouse on your farm plot

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