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Hosachiguru brings to you Eco Habitat Farms conveniently located on the state highway to Hindupur. This 25+ acre farm offers you a unique opportunity to connect back with nature whilst creating wealth for yourself, a positive social impact on society, and a green legacy for generations to come.
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Nandamuri Nagar

Chalivendala, Andhra Pradesh

20 Acres


872m above Sea Level

Grow Your Own Food/Agro Forest

Eco Habitat farms have been carefully designed to cater to the principles of Earth care also known as Regenerative design. A cradle-to-cradle framework is put in place that enables the nutrients and materials to flow in safe, replenishing, closed-loop cycles. Both timber and food forest is tended and nurtured based on the principles of ecology and living systems, focusing on the capacity of ecosystems to maintain their essential functions and processes, and retain their biodiversity in full measure over a long-term time. The philosophy behind this is to mimic natural processes and build a cohesive system for all the species without compromising the needs of our co-farmers or the environment. Farming done with the help of Permaculture principles aids in using the minimal amount of resources there is and creates a healthy and flourishing food or timber forest.

Eco Habitat Co-Farming Experience

Permaculture Team

to help design your farm in your way.

Project Management Team

to help build your dream home.

In-House Service Team

to manage your farmhouse.

Cafe & Kitchen

for healthy nutritious food during your farmhouse stay.

Program Coordinators

that run continuous activities that teach sustainable living and farming.

Subsidised stay at the eco-resort cottages on a time-share basis
Weekly deliveries of organic veggies to your home in the city


Tropical Savanna

Nandamuri Nagar

Chalivendala, Andhra Pradesh

Located on Hindupur - Kadri State Highway

60 minutes from Bengaluru International Airport

HNSS water canal abutting the project

8 km from Hindupur Town

Close to industrial developments KIA Motors, BEL, NACEN, AirBus

15 minutes from the upcoming SEZ in Hindupur

Wild Zones
  • Undisturbed Forests
  • Wetland & Ponds
  • Bamboo Forests
  • Bird Watching
  • Butterfly Park
  • Aroma Gardens
  • Permaculture Gardens
  • Nursery & Composting
  • Model Farm
Adventure Zone
  • Tree House
  • Camping
  • Jungle Gym
  • Adventure Sports
  • Star gazing
Outdoor Activities
  • Trail Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Muddy Puddle
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Bonfire

Vegetation at Sambhrama

Densely planted with a good microclimate for shade. Flowering Avenue trees along with fruit trees like Guava, Amla, Singapore Cherry & vegetable gardens. Good diversity of insects & bird life.
Perennial grasses along with thorny shrubs
Moist areas around stream beds with deciduous vegetation that are lush and act as natural firebreaks while providing micro habitats
Wild Zones
Native grown full tress that provide food for the wildlife. Useful for seed collection to propagate in the nursery.