Get the Best of Both Worlds

At Hosachiguru, traditional farming practices coupled with green innovations and smart agriculture monitoring systems, give our co-farmers optimum plant mortality and remote managing features.

Our Proprietary Innovations

Farm Supervision from Anywhere, Anytime
Virtual Farm Mapping & Booking Process

MyFarm App

Through our exclusive Myfarm App you can monitor & receive real-time data about your Farmplot.

How does the MyFarm App help ?

It helps you stay connected to your farm. Always. Monitoring key aspects such as

Activity feed

Track the delivery of your veggies

Check-in to live events at Hosachiguru farms

Access live support through the app

Weather updates about your farm

Book your farmstays

How it helps us

It helps us monitor complex data smoothly by keeping a constant track of management variables.

Seamless flow of information between the co-farmers & Team Hosachiguru

Easy booking of retreats & farmstays

Superior customer experience & support

Weather updates & rainfall tracking for all farms

How do we do it ?

A three-tier approach towards mapping, tracking & applying data to increase efficiency.
Perception Layer
We measure soil temperature, moisture, wind speed & direction, rate of evaporation & humidity levels using sensors in the soil & on ground.
Network Layer
We deploy computers & tabs to monitor &capture information coming from the sensors & add it to the Cloud for easy access & analysis
Intelligence & Data Layer
Our experts agronomists & operations team examines the data set & ensures we manage all farms with full efficiency and autonomy

TalkingLands Technology

TalkingLands is a digital layout management & mapping system that allows us to provide a virtual marketplace for buyers of our farmlands. It also assists our existing co-farmers to monitor their farms.
TalkingLands Technology

How it works ?

TalkingLands uses Artificial Intelligence enabled Mapping Technology to offer built-in location intellligence data on land As a User, you can now map your property. As a prospective buyer, you can now click on a mapped site which opens a microsite giving project-related location insights on amenities, landmarks, etc.