How Managed Farmplots Work


A parcel of land that is outlined and inspired by nature’s designs, which are based on the regenerative principle of creating a self-sustaining ecosystem. 

“Grow a Food or Agro forest in your very own farm plot at Hosachiguru Farms.”

Carefully Curated Farmlands

Chosen for proximity to Bangalore, availability of water, scenic views, soil fertility, costs, etc.

Safe & Secure

  • Legal due diligence
  • Properly fenced and gated
  • Apt access control measures
  • 24/7 Surveillance

Difference Between Managed Farmland and Standalone Farm

Aspects of Convenience Managed Farmland Standalone Farm

Land Titles

100% Clear Titles backed up by the In-House Legal Team at Hosachiguru High chances of getting cheated with respect to legal titles


The developer mitigates risk Risk of legal titles, crop failure, water shortage, etc.

Infrastructure Cost

Lower acquisition costs. Leverages the benefits of economies of scale. A higher initial investment is required.

Maintenance and Repairs

Owned by co-farmers and managed by professionals. There’s no need to get your hands filthy. Personal responsibility for upkeep and other unseen, unexpected overheads.

Ownership Responsibilities

Ownership where it's Easy, Convenient & Hassle-free Complicated, Overwhelming & Full Responsibility for Owners

Management Expertise

Professional farm management manages your farm. It requires a lot of personal farming expertise and investment of time, skill, and energy to maintain the farm


No Workload for the co-farmer. Monthly farm maintenance fee to be paid toward farm operations. Heavy workload; labor-intensive.

Technology Adoption

Leverages modern technology for effectiveness and efficiency in farm operations May have limited access to tech tools as its too costly for an individual to structure farm operations

Access to Resources

Shared access to resources and equipment. Requires personal resource procurement and maintenance cost

Community Involvement

Encourages community engagement and networking. No Community Interaction


Offers flexibility to invest in multiple plots. Have limited diversification options.

Learning Curve

Requires zero or very little farming knowledge to start Demands extensive farming knowledge.

App-Driven Communication

With the help of the MyFarm App, co-farmers at Hosachiguru get all the farm operations updates on their mobile. No such experience is available

Hospitality and Experience

Co-farmers at Hosachiguru have a wealth of experience. Access to a farm retreat, cottage facilities, and an In-House Hospitality team to take care of your stay No such experience is available

Food Security

Get access to organic veggies from our community gardens and utilize our doorstep delivery subscription for high-quality, natural farm-to-table food to move towards a healthy lifestyle choice. Production, logistics, maintenance, and labor costs raise the price of chemical-free produce on standalone farms. Practically, it is very daunting for an individual.