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On the way to Cauvery wildlife Sanctuary through a quaint hamlet known, as Little England, just 45 mins south of Electronic City, you’ll come across 120+ acres of rolling farmlands. With forest views on one side and picturesque countryside on the other, the hill station climate makes it ideal to grow just about any vegetable and the changing landscapes ensure every trip here is unique.
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Denkanikottai Taluk

Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu

120 Acres


872m above Sea Level

Build Your Secure Green Asset

Sambrahma is located in a region that has witnessed a tremendous ecological transformation in recent years. Keeping this in mind, the strategy chalked out for plantation and management pays superior attention to creating a thriving ecosystem. The plantation methods adopted for Sambrahma farms aim at building resilience, having a low demand on existing resources, and creating an ark of floral biodiversity that will have a knock-on effect on fauna as well as the community and culture of the vicinity. The strategy employed here is to create a strong vegetal foundation that requires minimal inputs and maintenance and within a relatively short period begins to support all activity on site including habitation and production.

Sambrahma Co-Farming Experience

Permaculture Team

to help design your farm in your way.

Project Management Team

to help build your dream home.

In-House Service Team

to manage your farmhouse.

Cafe & Kitchen

for healthy nutritious food during your farmhouse stay.

Program Coordinators

that run continuous activities that teach sustainable living and farming.

Subsidised stay at the eco-resort cottages on a time-share basis
Weekly deliveries of organic veggies to your home in the city


Tropical Savanna

Denkanikottai Taluk

Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu

45 Minutes from Electronic City

25 Minutes from Hosur Airport

20 Minutes from Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

15 Minutes from Elephant Watch Tower

Sambrahma Farm Features

Wild Zones
  • Undisturbed Forests
  • Macchan
  • Wetland & Ponds
  • Bamboo Forests
  • Butterfly Park
  • Aroma Gardens
  • Permaculture Gardens
  • Nursery & Composting
  • Model Farm
Adventure Zone
  • Rock Climbing
  • Tree House
  • Camping
  • Jungle Gym
  • Adventure Sports
Outdoor Activities
  • Trail Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Climbing
  • Muddy Puddle
  • Children’s Play Area

Vegetation at Sambhrama

Densely planted with a good microclimate for shade. Flowering Avenue trees along with fruit trees like Guava, Amla, Singapore Cherry & vegetable gardens. Good diversity of insects & bird life.
Perennial grasses along with thorny shrubs
Moist areas around stream beds with deciduous vegetation that are lush and act as natural firebreaks while providing micro habitats
Wild Zones
Native grown full tress that provide food for the wildlife. Useful for seed collection to propagate in the nursery.