Meet Our Team


Ashok Jayanthi

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Mr. Ashok brings over three decades of expertise in scientific and technology-driven agriculture. As an agriculture expert, he sets and evolves strategic plans for our CoFarmers to reap the best quality yields, whilst also ensuring to continue implementing techniques that result in the enrichment of the environment. He possesses a varied and multifarious expertise which helps the company reach newer heights everyday. He has developed the proprietary technique at Hosachiguru called “Power Grow”, which entails high growth and productivity at all of Hosachiguru’s farms. His range of expertise in different forms of farming includes the incorporation of the latest techniques in extracting soil productivity, rainwater harvesting, and drip irrigation.

Mr. Sriram Chitlur
Managing Director

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Mr. Sriram Chitlur is the man who actually walks the talk. A green entrepreneur who leveraged his passion for agriculture, experience in technology, and understanding of business knowledge to co-found Hosachiguru. His dream is to make every piece of land productive. , and his professional expertise, has put Hosachiguru on an unparalleled tangent, helping it retain its position as the industry leader. To visualize land like never before, Sriram co-founded TalkingLands, an intricate Layout Management Solution that uses AI-enabled Location Intelligence to unlock a land’s potential. TalkingLands sets up a virtual marketplace of mapped lands and layouts, where buyers and sellers can engage in real-time transactions pertaining to agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial lands.

Mr. Srinath Setty

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Srinath Setty, an entrepreneur for over a decade. He is a prolific leader who comes in with rich experience in marketing and communications. He heads the marketing and commercial relationship management departments of the company. Sets and evolves the strategic direction for the company and its portfolio of offerings, while nurturing a strong leadership team to drive its execution. Currently along with managing Hosachiguru with the flair he is also a director of Cooperative Bank - MPSSB which operates in Rural Karnataka for priority sector lending and has also Co-founded a corporate merchandising company Offineeds. With an outstanding track record of managing agricultural ventures. From running family businesses in agriculture to real estate and land development, agriculture has been his passion and a central part of his life. He is a leader with a conscience. Waling the talk Srinath hopes to build a naturally nurturing ecosystem.

Mr. Venkat Narayan
Promoter & Advisor

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Venkat, a leader with vision and incisive business acumen, is at the helm of one of the largest real estate developers in India, as the Chief Executive Officer of the Prestige Group. His 23 years of experience as an exemplary business leader is a testament to an incredible journey of putting an organization on a growth trajectory with an innovative combination of strategic initiatives and meticulous planning. A qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost & Management Accountant, Company Secretary, and Law graduate, he has been instrumental in executing pioneering plans of action that have time and again proved his remarkable capability to lead from the front.

Core Departments

Agronomy & Environment

Growing Life

Get ready to meet the soil superheroes! A league of extraordinary soil scientists, agronomists, and farming geniuses committed to bringing you the ultimate in crop selection and soil management. With minds as fertile as the land they tend to, our team is determined to unearth innovative solutions to transform every inch of your farm plot into a fruitful oasis for both you and nature. They're the plant whisperers who keep your greens in tip-top shape, ensuring maximum nutritional value for generations to come.

But that's not all, folks! Our agronomy squad teams up with the farm operations crew and researchers to stay ahead of the game in the world of soil productivity. With their combined powers, they pioneer the best regenerative farming practices and provide invaluable insights that lead to game-changing solutions. Together, they create sustainable food forests that nourish the Earth, cultivate diversity, and grow a thriving ecosystem. With more experience than a well-aged compost pile and a passion for soil science that's as deep as the roots of a mighty oak, our team is always up for a challenge and ready to make your farm bloom!

Farm-Ops Team

Regenerating Soil, Regenerating Existence

Introducing our team of farm gurus, the Jedi knights of farmland productivity! These eco-warriors are laser-focused on taking your farm to the next level while staying true to our company's sustainable vision for the future. Their secret weapon? The power of permaculture! Our team has mastered regenerative farming practices based on permaculture principles that not only benefit the land but also create a community of green thumbs.

From tilling your fields to sprucing up your amenities, our gurus provide top-notch service that's out of this world. They live and breathe permaculture, ensuring your farm design is perfectly tailored to your needs, your plants are as healthy as the Hulk, and your farm grows into a lush ecosystem that'd make Mother Nature proud.

Our team's mission is to help you create a farm that's not just a food factory, but a hub of health and harmony for all. So let's embark on this intergalactic adventure together and journey towards a future where farming is not just about producing food, but also about nourishing our planet and the people who call it home.

In-House Legal Counsel

Safeguarding Your Green Legacy

Welcome to Hosachiguru's legal dream team, the superheroes of legal security! Our in-house legal experts are the guardians of transparency, dedicated to keeping you in the loop on all legal matters. They're like the Iron Man of the legal world, providing unbeatable support to our co-farmers, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your farmland is always in good hands.

Our team's eagle eyes never miss a beat when it comes to government regulations and documentation across the states where Hosachiguru farmlands are located. They work around the clock to ensure that all documents are meticulously reviewed and all legal i's are dotted and t's crossed. With their unwavering commitment to legal excellence, we guarantee 100% legal security for all our co-farmers.

With Hosachiguru's legal powerhouse on your side, you can leave your legal worries behind and focus on growing your farmland like a pro. So why wait? Join us on a journey towards a legally secure and thriving future for your farmland, where you can be the captain of your own destiny!

In-House Hospitality

Making Every Experience Count

Step into the world of Hosachiguru and be enveloped in a hospitality experience like no other. Our team doesn't just see hospitality as a department, it's a way of life that we live and breathe every day. With open arms, our team welcomes you to a community of passionate green enthusiasts who share the same values of love, comfort, support, and care.

Our dedicated hospitality team is committed to providing you with an unforgettable farm life experience. They expertly manage day-to-day operations across the farm, eco-retreat cottages, and head offices. With a keen eye for detail, our team ensures that facilities are well-maintained, customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and all administrative requirements are handled with ease. From hosting events to managing records, our team can do it all with a level of professionalism that inspires trust.

We are here to ensure that your stay with us is not only comfortable and enjoyable but also an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Join us at Hosachiguru, and let our warm hospitality envelop you as you embark on a journey of discovery on your very own farmland.

Customer Relationship

Engaging You With a Wealth of Experience

Looking for a farm experience that's as stress-free as a sunflower field on a sunny day? Look no further than Hosachiguru, where our customer relationship team is the backbone of our exceptional service. Think of them as your fairy godmothers of farming, always one step ahead to make sure your experience is as magical as it can be.

Our team is the bridge that connects you to the various departments that take care of different aspects of farm ownership, and they take this responsibility very seriously. With their proactive approach and unwavering commitment to people care, they make sure your needs are always met and your experience is always delightful.

From handling the tedious documentation processes to answering your questions and resolving any issues, our team is always on the ball to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We tie up all the loose ends so that you can sit back, relax, and watch your farm thrive.

With a keen focus on regulation and maintenance, we make sure that you have a farm ownership experience that's as smooth as butter. Join us at Hosachiguru and experience the magic of exceptional service and support.

Farm Consultants

One Stop Solution To Understanding Your Farming Needs

Meet our team of farm consultants, who are fueled by their passion for sustainability and people care, and are committed to helping you sow the seeds of a greener life with Hosachiguru. Our consultants will serve as your trusted compass, guiding you through the twists and turns of the farmland ownership journey, and helping you unearth the perfect plot for you and your loved ones.

With their expertise, our consultants will cut through the noise and get straight to the root of what you need, taking the reins and leading you down the path that is tailored just for you. They'll go the extra mile to ensure that your experience is a walk in the park, leaving no stone unturned as they help you plant the seeds of a new chapter in your life. Trust us, with our farm consultants by your side, the grass will definitely be greener on your side.

Marketing & Communication

Greening Life

Meet the movers and shakers who make Hosachiguru stand out - the marketing team! They are the masterminds behind communicating the brand's ethos and tone, making sure our sustainable agenda and values strike a chord with every stakeholder.

Their virtual and real-world presence is the lifeblood of customer engagement, brand recognition, and remembrance. As trailblazers of the managed farmland concept in India, the team shoulders the responsibility of spearheading the movement toward a sustainable future. They are committed to spreading the gospel of eco-friendly lifestyles through our managed farmlands and inspiring others to jump on the bandwagon of our sustainability crusade.


Bring Farmlands To Your Fingertips

The IT team at Hosachiguru is a well-oiled machine, constantly innovating and upgrading to ensure that our co-farmers have the best tech-enabled farm ownership experience possible. They are the wizards behind the curtain, making sure that our MyFarm app is running like a well-oiled machine. With their tech-savviness and can-do attitude, they are always finding new ways to improve and optimize the user experience.

At Hosachiguru, we believe that technology can play a crucial role in driving sustainability, and our IT team is an essential part of our mission. They work tirelessly to make sure that our co-farmers can be more connected to their farms than ever before, bringing new levels of efficiency and transparency to the world of agriculture. Join us at Hosachiguru and experience the power of tech-enabled farming.

Supply Management

360° Farm Assistance

The supply management team at Hosachiguru is the oil that keeps the engine of our operations running smoothly. They are the gatekeepers of our supply chain, ensuring that every cog in the system works together in perfect harmony. With their eagle eyes and sharp negotiating skills, they are the secret weapons that keep us ahead of the competition.

From managing inventories to ensuring that the right products are delivered on time, our supply management team works tirelessly to keep everything on track. They go above and beyond to anticipate needs and take proactive measures to address any issues before they become problems. With their expertise, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to excellence, our supply management team sets the standard for others to follow. Join us at Hosachiguru, and experience the unparalleled level of service that only our supply management team can deliver.

Design & Civil

Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality

The architectural team at Hosachiguru is more than just a group of builders; they are the masterminds behind creating purposeful spaces that seamlessly blend with the natural environment, providing a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle for our co-farmers. Combining modern and traditional elements, our eco retreat cottages are a labor of love, intricately woven into the fabric of nature.

Our team's commitment to sustainable design practices is more than just talk; they walk the walk, maximizing resources while ensuring the designs are conceptually sound. Our structures not only reflect our values of environmental stewardship, but they also exude an aura of serenity and tranquility. From relaxing in our charming gazebos to marveling at the breathtaking views from our machans, rest assured that our architecture team has left no stone unturned in providing you with an experience that is both comfortable and environmentally conscious.

Finance & Accounts

Making Each Leaf Count

Introducing the financial wizards of Hosachiguru, the backbone of our economic engine. The finance department not only keeps our financial transactions in check, but they also play a critical role in making our sustainable farmland vision a reality. By skillfully managing our funds, they ensure that we can sow the seeds of sustainability and reap the rewards of expanding our mission to more communities.

These number crunchers handle every financial transaction with eagle-eyed precision, always staying one step ahead of the game. They're the ones who dot the i's and cross the t's on every contract and agreement, ensuring that we're always on the right side of the law. With their expertise, we can weather any storm and keep our focus on our core mission of creating a sustainable future with managed farmland.


The Hosachiguru Way of Greening Life

Hosachiguru's administrative team is powered by our exceptional office managers, who play a crucial role in keeping our operations running smoothly. As the gears that keep the machine turning, they work tirelessly to create a conducive and comfortable work environment for our team, which in turn empowers us to serve our co-farmers better.

Our office managers are proactive and dynamic individuals who take on a multitude of responsibilities. From managing schedules to coordinating events and managing supplies, they take on an array of tasks to ensure seamless operations. Their resourcefulness and meticulous attention to detail help us stay organized and focused, allowing us to concentrate on what we do best - providing sustainable farmland solutions to our customers.

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