Our Team

The pace of urbanisation and growth of consumption are constantly dictating the next steps of the agribusiness sector. We’re right in the middle of a big boom of population increase, expanding disposable income and fast growing food demand. In a climate such as this, Hosachiguru  intends to mobilise knowledge, innovation and best practices to cater to an evolving agribusiness market, where more people want to get back to the basics. A powerful core team and a passionate team of consultants make sure that vision is worked towards, every single day.


Ashok J

Co Founder, Chairman

An agriculture expert, Ashok brings in over three decades of expertise in scientific and technology driven agriculture. He developed the proprietary technique “Power Grow”, at Hosachiguru, for high growth and productivity. His experience ranges from multiple types of farming (hydroponics, timber farms, horticulture and floriculture) to incorporation of latest techniques in extracting soil productivity, rain water harvesting and drip irrigation.

Sriram Chitlur

Co Founder, Director, Farming Operations

Sriram has more than a decade of experience in Agriculture & IT. With a deep interest in developing sustainable yet economically viable farming, he cofounded Hosachiguru & Youragri.com. He has vast experience in agricultural operations, technology, equipment, labor sourcing and management and, supply chain management from “seed to soil”.

Srinath Setty

Director, Sales and Customer Support

A serial entrepreneur for over a decade, Srinath has a solid track record of managing agricultural ventures. From running family businesses in agriculture to real estate and land development, agriculture has been his passion and a central part of his life.