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Hosachiguru presents serene farmland spread across 100+ acres, in the green pocket of North Bangalore. Just 20 minutes away from Madhugiri and Hindupur. This farm is strategically designed in such a way that it can be accessed via the Blr-Hyd highway or the Blr-Mumbai highway.
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Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka - 572202

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Madhuvana means “serene forest”. This project by Hosachiguru truly lives up to its name. Here you can listen to nature composing the forests’ grand opus and the message that is carried by the wind. Witness the beauty of nature and the miracle of it all here. Lush green parcel of land which provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Surrounded by the absolute best of nature, it is home to fully grown mango groves. Madhuvana is thoughtfully designed on the basis of the topographic elevation, keeping in mind its natural slopes. The picturesque views of the farmlands offer an unmatched lifestyle in the lush greens of nature while allowing you to stay connected to city life. These farms are developed on the basis of permaculture farming methods that mimic the natural ways of our ecosystem. The natural water resources around the farm project aids in bountiful yields and harvest.

Eco Habitat Co-Farming Experience

Permaculture Team

to help design your farm in your way.

Project Management Team

to help build your dream home.

In-House Service Team

to manage your farmhouse.

Cafe & Kitchen

for healthy nutritious food during your farmhouse stay.

Program Coordinators

that run continuous activities that teach sustainable living and farming.

Subsidised stay at the eco-resort cottages on a time-share basis
Weekly deliveries of organiacc veggies to your home in the city


Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka - 572202