Our Approach

The Hosachiguru approach is one of careful consideration, creating a stable ground for commercial farmlands to flourish. An integrated four-step process ensures satisfaction for the end customer as well as the people who work for and with us.

Right Trees

We, at Hosachiguru take it upon ourselves to select the right tree to be grown for the given soil conditions and climate. We ensure the land is prepared accordingly to either cultivate teak, sandalwood, melia dubia or any other timber trees that a customer would like to choose. Apart from Timber trees, the customer can chose from a host of sub-tropical fruit trees.

Right Source

Through deep experience, we know how to ensure healthy seedlings and also know what trees work best for the given location. From choosing the mother plants carefully and adopting stringent nursery practices are followed to monitoring how the best saplings are chosen and transported, we follow the best practices.

Right Technique

Hosachiguru uses the latest technologies and planting methods to give its clients an opportunity to increase produce. We’ve embraced tested techniques like natural farming, moisture and water management, soil health management and integrated pest management on our farm lands.

Increased Potential, Reduced Uncertainty

Hosachiguru brings ample field experience to the table, having access to multiple farms across India and managing them. Our understanding of scientific approaches that work puts us in a position to optimize production. Alongside, Hosachiguru also comes with extensive planning expertise, predicting demand and using precise data points to initiate production. Well thought-out buying contracts due to operational scale we attract buyers across both domestic and international markets.