Past Events

GreenSuperheroes DIY Workshop 2 (Father's Day Edition)

18 June 2023

HC x Rush WTA Tournament

9th to 11th June 2023

Green Superheroes DIY Workshop 1

22 April 2023

Bhumi Puja at Madhuvana Farms

April & May 2023

Corporate Office Inauguration Puja

25th March 2023

Bhoomi Puja at Madhuvana Farms

18th March 2023

HC Vasant utsav

11th March 2023

HC Green Queens | Women's Day Celebrations

8th March 2023

Review of the Hosachiguru
Drawing of the farm

Sankranti event

15th January 2023

Independence Day Celebrations at Corporate Office

15th August 2022

Team Building Workshop at Corporate Office

July 2022

Corporate Office Inauguration Event

1st June 2022

Holi Celebrations at Dhaanvi Farms

18th March 2022

Women’s Day Event at Dhaanvi Farms

8th March 2022

Dhaanvi Farms Launch Event

17th & 18th December 2021

Sambhrama Farms Launch Event

30th & 31st October 2021

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations at Corporate Office

30th August 2021

Makar Sankranti Utsav

15th, 16th, 17th January 2021

Occasion: Makar Sankranti Utsav


Theme : Eco-friendly farm experience


Activities: Kite flying | Pottery workshop | Matka painting and race | Bullock cart ride | Rangoli | Bonfire | Farm walkthrough


Dress Code: Traditional Indian wear

Makar Sankranti Utsav


14th Jan - Thursday 2020

Occasion: Sankranti

Theme : Kite Flying & Community Jam

Event/Workshop: Kite making & flying with recycle papers with a message, Region wise Pot luck lunch , Evening snack & Return gift

Dress Code: As per your religion / talk about the festival in different states

Sankranti Celebration


8th March - Sunday 2019

Occasion: Holi

Theme : Colours of Life – Eco Friendly Holi at Open Farm

Event/Workshop: Holi with natural organic natural colours and Natural Ingrdedents like Mud , Milk , Turmeric , Flour , Besan , Rose Petals , Beatroots , Henna , Water & flowers

Dress Code: Pure white with sun glasses & bandanas

Venue: Bristlecone (2 hours from Bengaluru International Airport)

Holi Celebration

Camp & Star gaze with Santa

20th Dec - Sunday 2018

Occasion: Camp & Star gaze with Santa

Theme : Colours of Life – Eco Friendly Holi at Open Farm

Event/Workshop: Eco-friendly Decoration of Christmas Tree , Games with Santa, Star Gazing , Bon Fire & Camping. Early morning walk in the farm & Breakfast

Dress Code: Red & White

Camp & Star gaze with Santa