Hosachiguru Farmhouses

If looking for a farm house for sale near Bangalore has been on your mind, then Hosachiguru is your new guide. Started by two IT professionals to combine their passion for agriculture with a professional pursuit to revolutionise farmland management, Hosachiguru manages farms by creating flourishing ecosystems within them.

Unlike any other farm house for sale in Bangalore, Hosachiguru manages farms in the noble pursuit of producing food sustainably and creating a regenerative eco-system without negatively impacting the land. With impactful programs such as RewriteThePlot, Hosachiguru is the best way to make farming and greening a part of your life.

Hosachiguru has an inhouse architecture and Project management team that can help you build your dream farmhouse and get all the requisite permissions, bank loan, electricity and water connections. Further the in house hospitality team will assist you in maintaining the farmhouse and making it a hassle free experience.

6 Reasons to Consider Hosachiguru for Selecting a Farm House for Sale Near Bangalore

Hosachiguru has three managed farm plot projects spread across Karnataka that are blessed with the best resources and management teams. If you are interested in a farm house for sale near Bangalore, here is why you should book an appointment with Hosachiguru.

Picking the Right Farm House for Sale in Bangalore


Hosachiguru has three distinctive farmland projects: Dhaanvi, Sambrahma, and Eco Habitat farms situated in various green pockets of Southern India. A farmhouse in one of these farms can have a wide range of positive effects on the environment as well as the physical and mental health of the inhabitants.

Farm House For Sale in Bangalore

Now is the right time for you to choose a farm house for sale in Bangalore. Book an appointment with Hosachiguru today and get your dream farmhouse ready now.


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