Agricultural Farming with Hosachiguru

Hosachiguru is a Bangalore-based company that believes in never forgetting one’s roots, driven by love for agriculture, accompanied by a professional vision to transform the farmland sector and agricultural management for everyone with a green thumb.

With a perfect blend of traditional and modern techniques, we provide sustainable farmland management and practices for agricultural land in Bangalore.

The HC approach positively influences our farm land for sale near Bangalore and promotes an effective farm lifestyle that brings short-term and long-term transformations in the agriculture sector. Our efforts are creating a positive impact on the environment, social life, the economic sphere, and overall health. For those looking for agricultural land for sale with long-lasting yield results, seeking out Hosachiguru’s farm plots and management services is the ultimate choice.

A Three-level Strategic Approach

The HC approach promises to build regenerative forests on fertile, agricultural land that become ever-growing assets for our CoFarmers. Hosachiguru follows a three-level technique to enhance productivity

Perception Layer
Perception Layer

The HC team uses a grid of intricate and inch-perfect technology to monitor the soil temperature, moisture, evaporation and condensation rate, wind speed, humidity status, and wind direction.

Network Layer
Network Layer

The network layer tracks and stores data reported by the soil and ground sensors via computers and tablets and backs it on the Cloud for security and accessibility.

Intelligence &
Data Layer
Intelligence & Data Layer

The in-house agronomists and operations team monitors the data and ensures co-farmers have complete autonomy over their farms and that the agriculture plots yield productive results.

Benefits of Co-Farming with Hosachiguru

The HC approach promises to build regenerative forests on fertile, agricultural land that become ever-growing assets for our CoFarmers. Hosachiguru follows a three-level technique to enhance productivity

The agricultural land for sale near Bangalore is curated according to buyers’ preferences. You choose the various plantations to be grown on your farm plot thereby growing a regenerative Food or Agro Forest.

Each farm plot has dedicated water sources coupled with intelligent water management systems to ensure soil moisture levels are maintained. Other CoFarmer community benefits include solar powered electricity, fencing, 24/7 security and surveillance, cottages and machans, etc.

Agriculture Land For Sale Near Bangalore

Farm Management & Customer Service

Onsite farmers, permaculturists, and staff available for assistance and help always.

Eco-friendly Choice

Reduce your carbon footprint by regenerating forest cover in Bangalore by building your very own food or agro forest on your farm plot.

Life Skills

Get closer to nature and learn natural farming methods by interacting with the in-house farm experts.

Hosachiguru Experiential Benefits

100% Safety & Security

Due diligence by the legal and operations team to ensure clear legal titles. Further, secured fencing and gates, controlled accessibility, along with 24/7 solar powered CCTV cameras assures zero enrichment issues.

Farm to Fork Model

Get your weekly fresh veggies delivered to your doorstep by our partner - IB Organics. Get your residue-free produce delivered to your home during harvest seasons.

Outdoor Activities

Get away from the hustle-bustle of the city and visit your perfect weekend stop for adventurous outdoor activities near your farm such as hiking, climbing, jungle gyms and cycling.

Bring Nature to Your Children

Give your children the best fun that nature has to offer at your very own farm plot. Forget screens and step into the sun to celebrate nature through bio pools, muddy puddles, animal interaction zones and good old open and spacious playgrounds.

Hosachiguru�s MyFarm app allows you to keep a watch over your farm plot from anywhere with real time data from your farm at all times.

Book farm stays at Hosachiguru

Book farm stays & share your experiences at our cottages

Track Hosachiguru farming activities

Track farming activities & plantations on your farm plot

Activity feed

Interact with the co-farmer community through your activity feed

Live events at various Hosachiguru Farms

Live events at various Hosachiguru Farms

Assistance and support services

Assistance and support services

Weather conditions

Weather conditions

The technology also provides assistance to our management teams in

  • Monitoring crucial data
  • Receiving timely reports about your management status
  • Enabling communication between the Hosachiguru team and CoFarmers
  • Providing customer service
  • Sharing regular weather reports
 Hosachiguru My Farm App

TalkingLands technology ensures you make an informed decision before you decide to buy agricultural land. It provides a digital layout navigation and mapping system that opens up a virtual market where Hosachiguru’s plot buyers can access the farms through their mobile devices and choose their most suitable farm plot.

 TalkingLands Technology

Process of Buying Farms for Sale

The process of owning your farm plot is 100% hassle free and transparent at Hosachiguru.


Hosachiguru’s Credentials

Hosachiguru’s authenticity, hard work, and potential have been recognized by several prominent outlets such as

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