Agriculture Land For Sale in Karnataka

Do you dream of owning and managing your own farmland, where you can grow your Food Forest and enjoy the fresh air and peaceful surroundings? Then look no further than Hosachiguru, the top trusted partner to help you become the owner of the best agriculture land for sale.

Investing in Agriculture Land for Sale in Karnataka: A Beginner’s Guide

Land ownership is a life dream for many. Whether you are a seasoned farmer with years of experience or someone who is just starting out, anyone can be a farmer today with the help of managed farmland partners such as Hosachiguru. With farm life, there is something for everyone to enjoy and experience.

Investing in agriculture land for sale in Karnataka is an excellent choice for those looking to get back to nature or live a more sustainable life. There has been a surge in demand for agriculture land for sale due to the increasing interest in sustainable life and benefits of natural farming practices across urbanites. Moreover, owning a piece of land in the countryside can be a great way to escape the city's hustle and bustle and enjoy a peaceful life.

If you're looking to invest in agricultural land in Karnataka, you can search for "agriculture land for sale near me" to find the best options available in your local area.

You don’t need farming experience to become a farmer anymore. With the support of trusted partners such as Hosachiguru, you can become the proud owner of your very own dream farmland in a few easy steps, with absolutely no hassles.

The Hosachiguru Approach

At Hosachiguru, we believe in staying true to our roots while also driving innovation in the agriculture industry. Our love for agriculture is matched by our professional vision to transform farmland management for all those with a passion for owning agricultural land and leading a sustainable lifestyle by offering the ultimate solution of convenience. You own the land while we manage it for you.

Using a combination of traditional and modern techniques, we carefully manage your farm plot using natural farming methods, to grow thriving food forests on your agricultural land in and near Bangalore. Our unique approach has a positive impact on our environment, your social life, the economic sphere of local farmers, and the overall health of our community.

For those seeking agricultural land for various purposes, Hosachiguru's farm plots are the ultimate choice. So, join us in our mission to revolutionize farming to build a greener, more sustainable world for future generations.

Guidelines for Purchasing Agricultural Land for Sale in Karnataka

  • The land must be registered at the District level to buy agriculture land in Karnataka.
  • In 2020, changes were made to the Karnataka Land Reforms Act, allowing non-farmers to purchase agricultural land.
  • The price of the land may be subject to valuation two weeks before purchase and will be liable for taxation.

Hosachiguru's in-house legal counsel are on top of all the legal formalities required to ensure you have a fully secure, and hassle-free farm ownership experience. They remain available before, during and after you become a CoFarmer to help you stay worry-free and most importantly, safeguard your investment.

Read more about the legal aspects of owning managed farmland here.

Checklist of Documents for Acquiring Farmland in Karnataka

  • Proof of payment for stamp duty
  • The title deed of the land, which confirms the seller's name and their right to sell the property
  • NOC from a revenue officer
  • The agreement of sale, which includes the sale price, advance payment, and the time of the sale
  • The sale agreement, which ensures that the title of the land is transferred from the seller to the buyer
  • Akarband issued by the survey department
  • Certificate Grant
  • The certificate of burden (EC) from the Sub-registrar's office or lease book, which verifies that there are no legal obligations on the seller for the land
  • The original title deed for land registration, the previous deed, tax receipts, and land registration documents with two witnesses

Benefits of Investing in Agriculture Land for Sale

First, agricultural land is a tangible asset that has proven to appreciate in value over time.

Agriculture land for sale is also a low-risk investment option because it is not subject to the volatility of the stock market.

Finally, investing in Hosachiguru's agricultural land provides you the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment and support the growth of sustainable farming practices.

Explore Co-Farming with Hosachiguru

Expert Farm Management & Customer Service

We offer a team of on-site agronomists, permaculturists, and staff who are always available to assist and provide support in growing your Food Forest on your farmland.

Maximum Safety & Security

We ensure no legal ownership issues are faced by co-farmers, through meticulous legal and operational inspections. We also provide secure fencing, gates, controlled access, and 24/7 CCTV cameras, resulting in 100% safety and security.

Farm-to-Fork Model

As a co-farmer, you can opt-in for the delivery of fresh vegetables directly to your doorstep weekly. You can also enjoy the benefits of organic, residue-free produce that are harvested at the Food Forest on your farm plot.

Life Skills

Interact with our in-house farm experts and learn natural farming methods, while also getting closer to nature.

Children's Nature Experience

Offer your children the best natural experiences at your farm plot. Enjoy bio pools, muddy puddles, animal interaction zones, and open and spacious playgrounds without the distraction of digital screens.

Outdoor Activities

Enjoy a peaceful weekend break from the city and engage in adventurous outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, jungle gyms, and cycling.

Our Core Teams

The Agronomy Team

The Agronomy Team is composed of B.Sc. and M.Sc. agronomy enthusiasts who are passionate about retaining and regenerating soil health and fertility, thereby increasing soil production. They conduct tests and experiments to determine the most effective and efficient methods to conduct farming activities at each farm. The Agronomy Team's efforts help ensure the land is optimally utilised, leading to better biodiversity and improved farm mortality, greater soil health and higher nutritive value in these natural yields.

Farm-Ops Team

The Farm Operations Team comprises project managers, supervisors and our farming teams, who all undergo comprehensive training to bring permaculture principles to life through natural farming methods. This team has extensive knowledge of the agricultural operations, and technology, enabling Hosachiguru in bringing farming to your fingertips.



If you're looking to invest in farm or agricultural land near Bangalore, Hosachiguru is the perfect partner to help you find your needs. Tap on contact or email us on [email protected] to enquire now and start your sustainable journey today.


The registration fee varies depending on the state. For example, in Karnataka, it is 7% of the land value, 7.5% in Andhra Pradesh, and 9% in Tamil Nadu.

To register, you must pay an initial deposit of ₹1,00,000 to receive an LOI. After that, buyers from Karnataka or Tamil Nadu must obtain clearance from the sub-registrar's office, while Andhra Pradesh buyers must file Form 32A.

Yes, under Karnataka's Land Reforms Ordinance, 2020, any Indian citizen or resident can own agricultural land for sale in Karnataka.

Hosachiguru implements natural farming methods based on the principles of permaculture to build regenerative ecosystems that mimic natural forest ecosystems. Each individual farm plot is further curated based on the co- farmer's choice of trees to be grown and farmhouse to be built. The farming method adopted at Hosachiguru ensures a balanced ecosystem is created that thrives on each other for balance and sustainability.

Organic nutrients are added to the soil using multiple natural methods such as mulching and biomass plantations. In addition, mulching helps to add carbon and develop beneficial bacteria in the soil. This enhances the soil and contributes to some extent of carbon sequestration.