Adapting To Changing Climate: What Does It Mean For Water?

May 31, 2022

Hosachiguru’s smart water management system.


Author: Sneha Gautam


Water distinguishes our planet compared to all the others we know about. We depend on water not only for life but for economic well-being as well. It plays a vital role in the creation of everything we produce. There are no substitutes for this precious resource, and while it is renewable there is only a finite amount of it.


Water management is an urgent need of the hour. Keeping this in mind, Hosachiguru provides an instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent water management system in its farmlands, which has proven to be effective and efficient in reducing costs, improving sustainability, and stabilizing the water table.  They’re designed and schemed out in such a way that it is ecological in nature and mimic systems that were originally present before humans entered the natural ecosystem. This smart water management solution comprises practices that are planned to provide an apt balance of technology and traditional methods. It involves swales, gully plugs, causeways, one-rock dams, and varieties of trenches.


Recently one of our farmland projects- Dhaanvi farms was blessed with copious amounts of summer rains. Between 22nd April to 22nd May we recorded 308mm of rain.


Talking in the term of numbers – 60 Acres X 4047 Sq M X 0.308 M = 74,789 M3 

That is 74,789,000 Litres of Rain Water = 8 CroreLitres 


Due to our water management system, most rainwater percolated into the soil. Considering 80% efficiency, 6.4 crore liters of rainwater were harvested in 30 days which can be used to irrigate the entire parcel of farmland which is 60 acres more than 40 times.


Our management system uses traditional mechanisms and data analysis that involves watershed management and runoff volume calculation which makes it a fairly accurate strategy. We pay close attention to understanding how much water the system can hold and how much needs to be released at certain times to replenish the water table. This also enables us to build a more diversified forest with varied plant species. Hosachiguru’s intelligent water management system is based on an interdisciplinary approach that consists of interconnected structures through a series of strategically planned frameworks. Instead of allowing water to run off, these structures make sure that the water is caught where it falls on the land – either it gets percolated into the soil or is diverted to the pits, which then is used for several agricultural purposes.


These arrangements aid us in

  • Treatment and management of rainwater
  • Irrigation
  • Rain/ Flood-water management
  • Conservation and restoration


We have chalked out a functional strategy that caters to the requirements of the future without compromising the needs of the present.

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