Wondering about returns on your farmland investment?

June 14, 2022

Let us break it down for you. According to Google, ROI has a simple definition — a calculation of the monetary value of an investment versus its cost. However, Hosachiguru has a fresh and futuristic connotation of investment and returns altogether.


It is not only about monetary gains but something that cannot be measured by money or capital. Maybe you are skeptical about this farmland venture with Hosachiguru, but these returns have so much more to offer than just materialistic wealth. This is an investment that will always grow and will never stop benefiting you. There is no end maturity cap. From the moment you decide to invest until the end of your lifetime, and even after that, this green asset will continue to fetch returns for your kids and grandkids. These returns come in the form of security, a safe, eternal source of food, experience, and lessons that cannot be learned and actioned in the castles of the concrete jungle. Together, the returns from this green asset prepare you and your kids for a fulfilling life ahead.  


We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides because we do not aim to produce crops by barely keeping the land alive. Instead, we ensure that the belts of the Earth are enriched from within to withstand timely changes and produce healthy yields not just for now but also for the future. We bring to the table an ideal balance of modern technologies, traditional methods, and principles borrowed from nature itself to build and maintain these green assets. This aids us in nourishing even the deepest layers, which produces healthier and safer yields. With the assistance of a team of experts and principles pronounced by nature, Hosachiguru has managed to originate a leading-edge asset for our co-farmers. 


Likewise, even from an economic standpoint, farmlands are a durable and consistent investment with only upward growth potential. These factors create a compelling case for the inclusion of the asset class in a diversified investment portfolio. 


Growth in recent years has transformed thousands of hectares of arable land in the region into industrial and residential plots for glass-and-steel high-rises, resulting in high carbon output and land degradation due to the lack of moisture and nurturing of the land. In contrast, farmlands are capable of meeting these environmental challenges and mitigating their negative consequences.   


Given the soil degradation, experts estimate that food production will go down by 40% in 20 years, and we know for a fact, that growing populations and incomes are only leading to a higher intake of food. It is estimated that we will need to produce at least twice the food production today in 25 years to meet the growing demands. Owning a sustainable food forest can be the best thing you can do for your family and the Earth.

Production of food grain


Production of food grainWith the increase in population, the need and demand for food is also rising. Hence, heavy quantities of chemical fertilizers are applied to meet these needs. Hosachiguru farmlands are a viable option for tackling long-term problems. By shifting from basic farming to more efficient, sustainable, and productive farming methods, we can avoid compromising the nutritional value of produce whilst meeting future requirements.


As per FAO, the amount of nutrition obtained by consuming 1 orange in 1990 is equivalent to consuming 20 oranges today due to chemical farming and the hybrid varieties. Growing native varieties of food are not just nutritious but also ensures that soil can be productive for generations to come.

Hosachiguru’s managed farmlands are catering to the needs of the present while building safe, authentically natural resources for the future. Owning even a quarter of the cropland will contribute more than 150 trees, each with the capacity to yield safe, secure food for future generations.

Are you still wondering about your returns for farmland investment? Think again.

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