Farmplots vs Villa Plots: Which is the better Investment for you near Hoskote?

Farmplots vs Villa Plots: Which is the better Investment for you near Hoskote?

April 29, 2024

Author : Anmol Agarwal

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Hoskote, a rapidly expanding locality on the outskirts of Bangalore, India, has emerged as a crucial intersection of major economic corridors. With a dynamic mix of residential, commercial, and industrial zones, Hoskote is attracting a diverse group of investors and residents alike. 

The burgeoning interest in villa plots near Hoskote can be attributed not only to its strategic proximity to Bangalore but also to its well-developed infrastructure. Improved road networks and enhanced public transport systems provide seamless connectivity to the heart of the city. Additionally, the area has seen significant upgrades in civic facilities, catering to the growing needs of its residents. 

What particularly captivates investors, however, is the scenic allure of Hoskote. The area is enveloped in lush green landscapes, offering a serene and picturesque environment. This natural beauty, combined with the modern conveniences close at hand, makes investing in villa plots near Hoskote an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle without sacrificing the benefits of urban living. 


Benefits Of Investing in Villa Plots Near Hoskote 


Proximity to Bangalore:  


Investing in villa plots near Hoskote offers the distinct advantage of being close to Bangalore, allowing you to enjoy the conveniences and amenities of urban life while residing in a more peaceful, rural setting. Positioned at the intersection of major road networks, including National Highway 4 (Old Madras Road/Kolar Highway), Hoskote offers excellent connectivity, making it easily accessible from Bangalore and other major cities. This is further enhanced by the upcoming Bangalore-Chennai Expressway, which will significantly reduce travel distances. Additionally, the Satellite Towns Ring Road (STRR) provides superb connectivity, linking Hoskote with various Bangalore Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (BMRDA) townships. Together, these developments substantially boost Hoskote’s appeal for real estate investments, combining seamless accessibility with strategic location advantages.  

This proximity is especially appealing for those who wish to balance the bustling city life with the tranquility of the countryside. Hoskote serves as an ideal retreat for weekend getaways, where you can escape the urban chaos and immerse yourself in serene surroundings. This setting is perfect for those looking to relax, connect with nature, and enjoy leisurely days in a scenic environment that refreshes both mind and body. 


Scenic & Serene Environment 


The drive from Bangalore to Hoskote transitions you from the bustling urban center to its tranquil outskirts, presenting a series of picturesque landscapes. As you leave the city, expansive agricultural fields and lush greenery unfold, becoming especially vibrant during the rainy season. The road, shaded by tree-lined avenues, offers a calming effect, while quaint villages along the way showcase rural life. Small ponds and reflective lakes enhance the scenic route. During monsoons, the journey becomes a sensory delight with cool breezes and the earthy scent of rain-soaked soil filling the air. Sparkling droplets on leaves further animate the lush surroundings, making the drive to Hoskote a refreshing escape into nature. 


Growing Infrastructure 


Hoskote is rapidly emerging as a prime investment destination, bolstered by its expanding infrastructure and strategic developments. The imminent completion of the Bangalore-Chennai Expressway will significantly reduce travel times, enhancing connectivity to major urban centers. This improved access is timely as the area is also witnessing the development of various Special Economic Zones and industrial parks that attract a diverse mix of IT and manufacturing sectors. These developments are prompting real estate developers to introduce upscale gated communities and villa projects, designed to elevate residents’ lifestyles with advanced amenities. 

 The educational landscape is also set to grow, with the expansion of schools and colleges making quality education more accessible. This positions Hoskote as an attractive hub for families and professionals alike. 

Moreover, the presence of Bangalore North University, just 50km away from Hoskote, ensures that residents have access to top-tier higher education, adding to the locale’s desirability. Along with this, the upcoming township of Nandagudi, located nearby, promises to bring the convenience and comfort of city life to Hoskote’s doorstep, further enhancing the area’s appeal as a thriving, connected, and sustainable place to invest and reside. 


Investment Potential 


Hoskote, flanked by prominent industrial hubs housing major corporations such as Mahindra Aerospace and Volvo is poised for a significant upsurge in land values. The presence of these industries, along with numerous others on the horizon, signals a robust economic future for the area. Moreover, Hoskote offers a serene escape from urban congestion, attracting city dwellers to its tranquil environs. This burgeoning interest is catalyzed by the region’s development and the enhancement of essential amenities including reliable water supply, electricity, and access to educational institutions. Given these advancements, Hoskote is rapidly transforming into a prime locale for investment, particularly in villa plots. Now is an opportune moment to consider capitalizing on this potential, as the area evolves into a key destination for both living and investment. 


Aamrut Farms By Hosachiguru – Your Scenic Farm Plots Near Hoskote 


If you’re seeking a peaceful retreat from urban chaos without sacrificing modern comforts, Hosachiguru’s Aamrut Farms luxury farm plots near Hoskote offer the ideal solution. Aamrut farms is located 15 minutes from Hoskote and situated within easy reach of Bangalore—just an hour from MG Road and 45 minutes from Whitefield—Aamrut Farms combines serene surroundings with the convenience of well-appointed amenities. The farm is ideally located in a highly promising economic corridor, well-developed yet distant enough to escape urban pollution. This prime property offers excellent connectivity, being just 2.5 km from Chintamani Highway, 7 km from NH4, and conveniently close to the Bangalore-Chennai Expressway.  

What sets Aamrut’s farm plots apart from villa plots is their exceptional value; for the same price typically paid for a standard villa plot, you get twice the land area at Aamrut Farms. This extra space includes a personal garden where you can build your dream villa in 10% of the farm plot and cultivate a private fruit orchard, herb garden, and vegetable garden. Additionally, you have the option to implement a composting system right in your backyard. This not only allows you to enjoy fresh, chemical-free organic produce but also supports a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for you and your family, all within the nurturing environment of Aamrut Farms. 

This premium managed farmland project also features lush green landscapes dotted with mango trees, creating a picturesque setting enhanced by well-paved roads, ambient street lighting, stone-pitched walkways, and individually picket fenced plots. 

Aamrut Farms is not just a place to escape for the weekend; it’s a lifestyle investment. Here, you can design your own farmhouse with the guidance of our expert in-house agronomy team and take pleasure in our exclusive clubhouse, which offers a variety of interconnected experiences. Immerse yourself in over 15 acres of existing mango trees where you can relive your childhood memories and instill a love of nature in your children, enjoying organically grown mangoes right from your farm plot. 


Stunning Weekend Drive Destinations from Bangalore Near Aamrut Farms 

Nandi Hills – Just a 45-minute drive from the farm, Nandi Hills is an idyllic spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Known for its stunning sunrise and sunset views, it’s an ideal destination for early morning rides. Whether you’re into trekking, cycling, or even paragliding, Nandi Hills offers an exhilarating experience. 

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple – Located at the base of Nandi Hills and also just 45 minutes from the farm, this ancient temple complex is a marvel of architectural beauty and historical depth. Offering a tranquil escape, it’s a place where visitors can immerse themselves in peace and reverence amidst historical grandeur. 

Skandagiri – Situated near Nandi Hills and a 50-minute journey from Aamrut Farms, Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga, is a mountain fortress famed for its night treks. These treks lead to breathtaking sunrise views that emerge from the clouds, making it a favorite among hiking enthusiasts. 

Devanahalli Fort – Only 35 minutes away from the farm, near Kempegowda International Airport, this historical fort stands as a testament to Southern India’s rich history. Celebrated as the birthplace of Tipu Sultan, it showcases impressive architectural designs and offers a glimpse into the region’s storied past. 


Connectivity From Aamrut Farms 

State Highway – 2.5kms 

Volvo Factory – 5kms 

Bangalore International Airport – KIAL – 35kms away 

Bangalore North University – 20km away 

MG Road – 40kms away 

Whitefield – 30kms away 

KR Puram – 30kms away 




If you find yourself yearning for simpler times amidst the hustle of daily responsibilities, consider the farm plots near Hoskote—your serene sanctuary where you and your family can forge a deeper connection with nature. Let your children discover the joys of the earth under their feet, in a place where you can relish the security of gated community farmlands while savoring the taste of fresh organic produce. 

At Hosachiguru, we stand as your trusted partner in managed farmland, committed to transparency in all our operations. Our community of over 1,200 satisfied co-farmers stands as a testament to our dedication and reliability. If you’re ready to secure your personal slice of paradise and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature, don’t hesitate to contact us today on +91 7374900900.  

Join us and transform the way you live and interact with nature. 

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