Bhaskar is a techie and a passive Co-farmer. You can be like him too.


Everybody’s story begins with “once upon a time” and it’s up to an individual to cherish the time given and build something to ensure happily ever after.


This is the story of Bhaskar, co-founder of a tech startup living in urban Bangalore. Buried in excel sheets and meeting deadlines, Bhaskar always thought of creating a second home for his family. But building something like that can be a tough decision as numerous crucial points need to be evaluated. After doing the due research, Bhaskar found out about Hoschiguru. Along with being a co-founder, he also became a co-farmer at Hosachiguru. He chose to grow his food forest. He not only built a legacy for his children but also made a sustainable haven for his parents. With Hosachiguru’s food forest, he is also contributing to the environment in a bigger picture. With this investment, Bhaskar can create, nurture and restore the natural biodiversity and ecology. He doesn’t have to free up his schedule to supervise what is happening on the farm. With smart technology- MyFarm app, he can get the reports, ask experts and monitor the yields from his phone, based in real-time.


Modern family life can be stressful and chaotic with various pressures on families. It’s not always easy. Nurturing the physical, emotional, and social development of children can be an uphill battle when you are stuck at work all day. With his sustainable food forest, he has gained something far more valuable- quality time with his family. This has given him a chance to strengthen the bond between himself and his children. The family has indulged in a variety of activities at the farm which has cemented their relationships. The time together has positively impacted the whole family. Bhaskar has felt a change in his personality, life choices, and overall behavior. Not only in his personal life but also in his professional life he is going that extra mile to achieve his goals. Taking some time off and spending it in the Hosachiguru farms has also impacted the strength of their social, physical, mental, and emotional health. This venture had something or the other for his whole family.


Bhaskar has ensured a happily ever after, for his family, you can too. Think about it!

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