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April 25, 2022

Hosachiguru’s Revamped Approach Towards Greening Life

Author: Sneha Gautam


Hosachiguru, an agricultural asset management company is announcing a radical rebranding to reflect the company’s evolution into an all-encompassing agricultural land management fraternity. 


In recent years the green economy has become the alternate vision for growth and development across the globe; one that can generate economic improvements in people’s lives that are also consistent with advancing environmental and social well-being for all. With increasing health and ecological issues, people are now opting for sustainable and progressive options such as farmlands. With the changing scenario, it is more important than ever to adopt a green lifestyle.  


Urban dwellers down the ages have taken inspiration from nature, and have appreciated the scraps of green space when compared to concrete and brick jungles. However, it is no secret that, in an increasingly urbanized world, people’s access to nature is dwindling. As time has passed people realize the importance of connecting back to their roots. An uprising shift in the mindset of urbanites can be seen. They are actively making more economical choices that can help them resolve these issues. Farmlands enable all the urban dwellers in contributing to the environment whilst also satisfying their need for living a safer, organic life away from city pollution, noise, and spending quality time with family away from cubicles and alarm stress. Hosachiguru understands how to green the world’s urban spaces the right way which can boost human well-being, and be a boon for the biodiversity we all depend on.


Hosachiguru is officially greening the Earth and there is doubt about it. It is a company built by eco enthusiasts for eco enthusiasts. In recent years the company has experienced a remarkable rise in people’s interest in managed farmland and complexity with a need to execute a more streamlined customer-centric approach and strategy across multiple channels with top-notch farming methods, and real-time technology using disparate data with a coordinated approach to sustainability and creativity. 


If we are to maximize the benefits of nature for the world’s legion of nature-deprived city dwellers, we need to know exactly how they work. Here, too, there appears to be no simple answer. With numerous factors involved this becomes a challenging task.  Hosachiguru has always been known for its unmatched production, services, and chosen settings. With efficient and effective usage of resources, the company is deemed to be the most trusted farmland partner in the fraternity by its clients and associates. 


“Our vision is to methodically build out farmlands and manage resources, assets, and capabilities to address this acute need in one place with flair and eminence without disregarding the principles of nature. We’ve put together the deepest and richest end-to-end solutions and set them in place to manage the intricacies of farming, technology, data, strategy, and creativity to nurture nature and provide our co farmers with a wholesome farm life experience with fruitful yields. With this launch we are now unifying all these assets behind a clear, clean revitalized brand,” says management. The new brand will pronounce what the company stands for and captures the true essence of the Hosachiguru ethos. The revamped brand value is giving new meaning to terminologies such as ‘Earth-care, Farming, Wealth, Cherish, Investment.


We are diligently working towards aligning life with nature by building healthier ecosystems and encouraging people to live a holistic lifestyle. With proficiency to make connections that bond people amongst themselves and to nature and in doing so we enrich human and as well environmental values. After meticulous research, planning, survey, and analysis the consolidation of results provides reimagined Hosachiguru with added strengths and gumption that allows the company to put its best foot forward and enable the people associated with the company to gain a wealth of experience. For us, it is not just about the number of acres or of these green spaces, it’s about the quality of those spaces which will contribute to the fundamental principle of permaculture that is a fair share.


The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics, communications, and correspondence. Hosachiguru’s new brand assets include a simplified, green, and brown logo, along with a new tagline and other visual communications that utilize minimalistic, elegant graphics to convey the emotions of the brand. 


About Hosachiguru Pvt. Ltd. 


A vision turned into reality by eco enthusiasts for eco enthusiasts. Hosachiguru is a leading farmland management company. With 750 and counting customers and more than 20  thriving delivered projects.


A  homegrown yet rooted company that combines an exceptional passion for agriculture with a professional pursuit to revolutionize farmland management for all those with green hearts. They walk the talk by valuing traditional methods without disregarding modern techniques. The vision is to enable and encourage individuals from all walks of life to make farming and greening a part of their lives. Hosachiguru is determined to passionately create flourishing ecosystems where individuals of all age groups can come together and cherish the treasures of nature. Hosachiguru recognizes the magic of making memories amidst nature. 



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