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Customer Review by Mr Arun and Ms Vidya

Mr Arun and Ms Vidya visited our farm recently and said that they had a very good time and experience at the farm. Their kind words meant a lot to us and below was their feedback.

“Overall experience was ‘WOW.’ We thoroughly enjoyed the time at the farm.” Their kids had a wonderful time too and they just loved the plunge pool concept.

Speaking about the food and hospitality, they said “Food was extremely delicious- special thanks to the cook and hospitality was good.”

They also lauded our employees, Mr Srikanth and Monika, saying “Monika was very friendly and care of our needs very well and Srikanth explained well about the farm.”

Their kids had feedback too, where they loved Monika a lot and got very close to her. They liked Srikanth too where he explained very well about everything in the farm.

They rated us as well and check what they had to say “If ’10’ is the highest then I would give it ’10’ which exceeded our expectations.”



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