What is a Managed Farmland?

January 14, 2023

Author: Srinivas Abhilash


Land on planet earth is scarce. Mark Twain once said, “Buy land, they are not making it anymore.” Though land is one of the most profitable investments in the world, farmlands for sure come with their share of uncertainties, legal shortfalls, and a string of unavoidable difficulties; and it can be intimidating to even the most experienced individuals to invest in farmland because of the lack of experience and expertise it demands one to have in various diverse fields of Agronomy, Law, and Farm Management.


It is massive work for an individual to identify the best suitable land within the budget that maps with the right size, location, accessibility, soil quality, and water sources. The hassle of cross-verifying ownership titles and documents for disputes and getting all required clearances from local authorities to ensure the safety and authenticity of the piece of land is an Elephant in the room. It is a nightmare to own agricultural land as a small retail investor in India.


With managed farmlands, one can put all such concerns to rest; it certainly fits the bill. Investments should be safe, secure, and rewarding. So, are managed farmlands. It comes with a strong process orientation that adds value and maximizes the ROI making it a unique investment opportunity that provides proactive guidance and supervision to farmland property, making all the difference towards an ever-appreciating green asset. Owning a managed farmland is the best gift to cherish for life and a legacy that will pass on to future generations.


Managed Farmland Vs. Traditional Real Estate


Investment in real estate offers a steady source of income, lends stability to the portfolio, and allows leverage at low risk. Traditional real estate in an urban setup comes with a huge initial cost but has a very low ROI. According to ET Money, the average 10-year return on a real estate investment has been just about 10 percent. 


On the contrary, managed farmlands can be highly productive land parcels depending on the type of management, plantation, and level of resource efficiency. With cyclical crops and timber plantations, there is a huge opportunity for wealth creation that is ever-appreciating in value, especially for new-age investors. The amended Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961, now permits any individual or institution from non-farming background to own agricultural land. It has massively opened up the market for investments in managed farmlands.


Benefits of owning a Hosachiguru-Managed Farmland


The primary objective of Hosachiguru-managed farmland is to adopt and implement sustainable practices, manage risk, maximize productivity, and reduce operational costs. Traditional farming practices coupled with tech-enabled farm management help to monitor the farm plantations and get real-time insights and quality yields. Tilling, planting, pruning, spraying, and irrigating are some of the routine operational and recurring activities which form a part of an efficient farm management system.


At Hosachiguru, individuals and families who invest with us are Co-farmers. Some of the benefits of owning Hosachiguru-managed farmland and being a co-farmer are as follows:


    • Hassle-Free Investment
      • Hosachiguru-managed farmlands are a haven to invest in and are hassle-free. Legal titles and land ownership are thoroughly checked and carefully vetted by our competent legal team to ensure 100% transparency. Individual investors can rest assured about their hard-earned money.
      • Agriculture and farmland owners often face the heat of uncertainty inherent in weather, yields, soil erosion, climate change, and biodiversity loss. With managed farmlands, professional teams with niche skills micro-manage farmlands with the tech-enabled system to deliver peace to the farmland owner. 


    • Asset Value Appreciation
      • We at Hosachiguru, an agricultural asset management company, ideally have our managed farmlands strategically placed close to urban centers allowing the investors to experience the benefit of compounding that results in a higher appreciation rate compared to their traditional investments made in the city limits


    • Environmental Benefits
      • At Hosachiguru-managed farmlands, we aim to create a healthy ecosystem of tranquility, with attention to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. With intelligent systems in place, one can experience a forest ecosystem.
      • Our co-farmers can enjoy increased farm income by executing plantations and farm forestry that offers environmental benefits to the land in terms of improved soil, water quality, and sustainable production. The long-term benefits are improved biodiversity, salinity, shelter for livestock and crops, etc.,
      • With Hosachiguru-managed farmlands, a co-farmer is making a significant contribution towards the United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs-6,11,12) to transform our world.


    • A Perfect Weekend Gateway with Luxurious Amenities
      • Housing in contemporary urban spaces is cramped and congested. These rabbit hutches are known for cheek-by-jowl living. According to the United Nations, the world population will touch 10 Billion by 2050, which can result in urban housing becoming even smaller. On the contrary, Hosachiguru-managed farmlands offer large open spaces which instill a new breath of life with a sense of serenity and calmness. It just does not only offer refuge but provides a much-needed recharge for our co-farmers with a space in the lush green and quiet area that will rejuvenate their mind and body.
      • Co-farmers at Hosachiguru-managed farmlands have an assured chance to live amidst nature with luxury at our cottages and resorts, reserved exclusively for them. Amenities like machans and view decks, bird-watching spots, meditation and yoga pods, etc., allow our co-farmers to relax and get away from their busy lifestyle in the city. Furthermore, with Hosachiguru-managed farmlands, our co-farmers can build their farmhouse on their farm plot and visit any time, any day. Well-managed water distribution systems ensure that water is available at all farm plots.


  • Tech-Enabled Managed Farmlands
    • Every Hosachiguru-managed farmland is secure, sustainable, rewarding, and tech-enabled. Co-farmers have access to the in-house proprietary mobile app, the MyFarm app. It helps to keep track of every farming activity that happens on the farm plot. In addition, this app allows a co-farmer to be in touch with the Hosachiguru team for any requirements – vis-à-vis legal documents, payment updates, and doorstep delivery of fresh veggies
    • Technological interventions based on remote sensing, unmanned aerial surveying, soil sensors, moisture updates, etc., permit the ground team at Hosachiguru-managed farmlands to gather, visualize and assess crop and soil health conditions at different stages and pave the pathway to convenient and cost-effective approaches to farming with real-time Insights.




Hosachiguru-managed farmland

gives an urbanite a chance to go back to their roots and garner a wealth of experiences. These green assets will bridge the gap of meeting the needs of a family and also create an alternative lifestyle of peace, fun, and tranquility for urbanites – truly making it the safe green haven for which they have been craving in the concrete jungle. With managed farmlands, an individual shall certainly experience freedom from worry and anxiety and attain a sense of calmness, comfort, contentment, happiness, and pleasure. Owning a managed farm is a great way to get involved in agriculture and benefit from the land without the hassle of full-time ownership.

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