Tech-enabled farms at Hosachiguru

Tech-enabled farms at Hosachiguru

June 24, 2023

Author – Arun Kumar


Welcome to the world of Hosachiguru, where technology and agriculture come together in perfect harmony. Picture this: 1000 acres of farmland spread across 20 different farms, each in a unique climatic condition and soil type, cultivating a diverse range of crops at different stages of growth. Managing such complexity may seem like an insurmountable task, but at Hosachiguru, we have embarked on a revolutionary journey powered by IoT (Internet of Things) technology. 


Over the past year, we have invested considerable time, resources, and energy to develop a cutting-edge IoT tech platform that enhances our ability to meet the irrigation and fertilization needs of every plant on our farms. The three critical layers of our system work seamlessly together to create a comprehensive solution. Let’s delve into them. 


The first layer, the perception layer, is composed of an extensive network of sensors strategically placed throughout our farms. From surface-level sensors to those buried 30 and 60 centimeters (about 1.97 ft) below the soil, we gather crucial data on soil temperature, moisture, wind speed, direction, evapotranspiration losses, and humidity. This wealth of information forms the foundation of our decision-making process. 


The second layer, the network layer, employs computers and tablets installed at the farm level. Utilizing low bandwidth, these devices capture data from the sensors and transmit it to the cloud for analysis. This real-time connectivity ensures that we stay up to date with the ever-changing conditions on our farms. 


The third layer, the data and artificial intelligence layer, represents the culmination of our expertise gained over a decade of experience. Leveraging the vast amounts of data, we have collected, we have developed sophisticated algorithms that factor in variables such as soil type, plant age, crop type, and stage of the season. By integrating all this information, we can make informed decisions about irrigation and fertilization requirements for optimal plant growth. It’s a complex process that continues to evolve as we refine and enhance our network and data infrastructure. 


But our technological advancements don’t stop in the fields. We have also equipped our tractors with sensors, enabling us to simultaneously track and manage their activities across multiple farms. Through advanced route planning and task allocation, we maximize efficiency and ensure that every aspect of farm operations is executed seamlessly. 

To facilitate easy access and control, we have developed a user-friendly app that puts all this information at your fingertips. Imagine sitting at one place and getting updates about irrigation, fertilization, and tractor routes with just a few taps on your smartphone. 


Farm Supervision from Anywhere, Anytime 

Discover the My Farm App by Hosachiguru, an innovative mobile application designed to bring farming enthusiasts closer to a greener life. This user-friendly app offers a range of powerful features that enhance the farm-owning experience. With multi-farm support, you can effortlessly manage and monitor all your farms from one platform, saving you time and improving efficiency.


Stay up to date with real-time notifications that provide instant updates on farm activities. From irrigation schedules to harvest reminders, you’ll always be in the loop, no matter where you are. The app’s dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your farms, including the latest media updates. Witness the progress of your crops through images and videos, showcasing the tangible results of your hard work. 

The activities screen logs recent tasks and operations, allowing you to track progress and optimize your farming practices. Meanwhile, the assets screen provides detailed information about your land extent, plantations, and fruit-bearing plants, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your farm’s resources. 

With the real-time monitoring feature, access farm data on weather conditions, plant health, and soil quality. This valuable information empowers you to make informed decisions to enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impact. 

The app also rewards your sustainable farming efforts with a Green Certificate, acknowledging your contribution to the planet. As a member, you can use your points to book retreats and enjoy rejuvenating experiences amidst nature, fostering a sense of community. 


Virtual Farm Mapping & Booking Process 

Talking Lands is a valuable partner for Hosachiguru, facilitating the land selection process for our esteemed customers. As a specialized real estate platform, Talking Lands leverages its expertise to offer unique insights and support to individuals interested in investing in Hosachiguru managed farmland. Here’s how Talking Lands is instrumental in assisting Hosachiguru customers in selecting the perfect land: 


Comprehensive Property Listings: Talking Lands features an extensive range of properties managed by Hosachiguru on its platform. With a user-friendly interface, customers can effortlessly explore a wide variety of farmland options available for investment. Detailed property descriptions, including size, location, amenities, soil quality, and infrastructure, equip customers with the necessary information to make well-informed decisions. 


Immersive Visual Representation: Through advanced technology, Talking Lands provides customers with an immersive experience of the properties. Utilizing 360-degree views, aerial imagery, and satellite imagery, customers can virtually explore the farmland and gain a comprehensive understanding of its features, topography, and surroundings. This visual representation enhances transparency and empowers customers to visualize the land before finalizing their purchase decision. 



My Farm App by Hosachiguru is a powerful tool that simplifies farm management and monitoring. With its dedication to sustainability and continuous improvements, this app brings you closer to a greener life. Download the app today and embark on a rewarding journey towards sustainable farming. 

Our tech-enabled farms represent a groundbreaking innovation in the field of agriculture. By embracing technology, we are leading the charge toward a future where food production is not only abundant but also sustainable and profitable. Through the integration of sensors, AI, and cloud-based systems, we have revolutionized farming practices, proving that technology holds the key to meeting the growing global demand for high-quality food while safeguarding our planet’s resources. 
Here from our Director & Co-founder, Mr. Sriram Chitlur on how Hosachiguru is creating a new wave of smart farms. Our smart farms include cloud computing, AI and real-time sensors that have transformed agricultural practices by increasing resource efficiency, while also conserving essential ecosystems.


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