Suburban Metro Real Estate Opportunities

Suburban Metro Real Estate Opportunities

January 8, 2024

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Living in a bustling urban area brings opportunities but also stress due to congestion and high costs, disconnecting us from ourselves. Amid the city’s pace, there’s an innate longing for nature and authentic connections reminiscent of simpler times.


Slowing down is crucial, yet urban living makes it challenging. Suburban areas, close to cities, offer a blend of city convenience and a slower, more observant lifestyle. This option appeals to those seeking a holistic life while fulfilling urban obligations.


The rise of remote work has shifted perspectives, making suburban living more appealing. It promises simplicity and integration with city life, providing a more mindful, satisfying lifestyle.


Choosing suburban life allows for a reconnection with what truly matters. It grants time to heal, find harmony, and reconnect with oneself and nature in a chaotic world.


Opting for suburban living near metropolitan areas is a conscious choice toward a more observant, slower, and more meaningful life, fostering a deeper connection to oneself, nature, and the essentials for a meaningful existence.


Historical Perspective: The Rise of Suburban Zones


Reflecting on the past, numerous suburban areas adjacent to India’s bustling metros have experienced substantial appreciation in real estate value. These instances are rooted in the inherent constraints of urban expansion within city limits. 


As cities reached saturation points and grappled with mounting congestion, the natural progression steered toward the rapid development of nearby suburban zones. The establishment of robust transportation networks, such as metro trains and suburban railway stations, further propelled this growth, facilitating enhanced connectivity and infrastructural development.


The Rationale for Suburban Real Estate Investment


Investing in suburban real estate emerges as a judicious decision owing to the accelerated expansion of new international airports, improvements in road infrastructure,  upcoming suburban railway and metro stations, significant advancements in IT and BT infrastructure, and the emergence of flourishing logistics hubs. 


These remarkable strides primarily owe their existence to the availability of land, predominantly situated on the outskirts of suburban fringes of bustling metropolitan cities. Opting to invest in suburban real estate not only ensures prospective growth but also capitalizes on the potential for pivotal infrastructural developments, positioning these areas as beautiful investment prospects.


Evidencing Transformative Growth


The transformative potential showcased in the rapid development of regions like Delhi NCR, Navi Mumbai, Kondapur, Cyberabad near Hyderabad, Sarjapur, and Whitefield near Bangalore is a testament to the foundational factors driving progress within the suburbs of metropolitan cities.


This evolution in suburban real estate underscores a strategic shift that leverages available space and burgeoning infrastructure, presenting promising investment opportunities and contributing significantly to the overall urban landscape.


Delhi NCR: Maruti Suzuki’s Impact on Gurgaon’s Real Estate


Delhi NCR’s real estate boom owes to strong infrastructure, highways, corporate offices, and IT parks. Property prices soared over 100% in selected suburban areas in the last two decades due to this evolution. For example, Maruti Suzuki’s arrival in Gurgaon transformed the suburban area of Delhi and spurred remarkable regional growth. The factory brought more jobs, better infrastructure, and connectivity, turning Gurgaon into a bustling industrial and residential hub.


Navi Mumbai: Strategic Location and Infrastructure Excellence


Navi Mumbai’s (a suburban, 1.5 decades back) strategic location, urban planning, and thriving business centers have fueled its impressive development. Enhanced connectivity through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and local trains has significantly boosted property prices, with an average surge of 70-80% over the past decade. Additionally, the emergence of an international airport and other factors have further bolstered demand for suburban real estate prices.


Hyderabad’s Growth Story: Kondapur and Cyberabad


The meteoric rise of Kondapur and Cyberabad in Hyderabad can be credited to their proximity to IT hubs, enhanced connectivity, and the proliferation of commercial and residential ventures. Consequently, property prices soared, experiencing an impressive growth rate of around 80-90% over the years.


Hyundai’s Influence on Chennai’s Suburban Real Estate


Similar to the transformative impact of Maruti Suzuki, the emergence of Hyundai’s factory near Chennai contributed significantly to the surge in suburban real estate prices. The establishment of this manufacturing unit not only bolstered the automobile sector but also spurred economic growth in the region. With rising employment prospects and infrastructural enhancements, nearby suburban areas experienced remarkable appreciation in property prices.


Toyota Kirloskar Motors and Bidadi’s Development


The story echoes in Bidadi ( a town situated on the Bengaluru – Mysuru expressway and is part of the Ramnagar) as well. The advent of Toyota Kirloskar Motors marked a pivotal point in the region’s growth trajectory. The establishment of this manufacturing giant brought about substantial development, including infrastructural upgrades and increased economic activities. Bidadi and its adjacent areas witnessed rapid expansion, leading to a surge in real estate demand and property prices.


Bangalore’s Thriving Real Estate Hubs: Whitefield and Sarjapur


Whitefield and Sarjapur once upon a time, were small villages on the outskirts of Bangalore have now experienced a real estate boom, becoming coveted IT and commercial centers with improved infrastructure and essential amenities. This evolution led to property price appreciation of approximately 60-70% in a decade.


Emerging Opportunities in Outskirts of Bangalore


Outside Bangalore city, regions in the outskirts and suburbs such as Hosakote, Chickballapur, Doddballapur, Tumkur, Kanakpura, and Hindupur are poised for significant real estate development. 


These areas boast improved infrastructure with better road networks, upcoming developmental projects, and a burgeoning industrial presence. These favorable conditions present promising opportunities for substantial growth and advancement in these locales.


Among investment choices in these suburbs, agricultural lands for sale stand out. They can grow in value a lot over time, especially in areas getting bigger with more buildings, better roads, and more farming activities. 


Purchasing farmland for sale or agriculture land for sale near Bangalore proves to be considerably more cost-effective compared to buying city flats or properties in the outskirts. While flats may yield rental returns ranging from 1 to 4%, they entail heavy additional expenses and depreciation due to construction wear and tear—factors that farmland ownership does not typically incur.


Owning 2 to 3 flats with steady rental income as an urbanite may not warrant acquiring more rental properties. Diversifying investments reduces risks by spreading investments across various assets.


For investors seeking diverse options beyond city flats and desiring hassle-free management and security for agricultural lands, managed farmlands present an appealing choice. Despite being remotely situated, these managed farms prioritize sustainable practices to enhance soil and water quality.


The value of farmland is contingent upon its location, soil fertility, and water resources. Enhanced land quality facilitates higher crop yields and subsequently increases its overall value. Therefore, managed farmlands employing regenerative farming methods focused on soil quality improvement and groundwater replenishment tend to experience greater appreciation in value compared to standalone agricultural land.


Hosachiguru-managed farmlands are strategically located near suburban towns, highways, and industrial hubs and have undertaken expansive projects aimed at increasing their long-term value. Implementing sustainable farming practices has significantly improved soil fertility and elevated the groundwater table. These efforts have consequently fostered biodiversity and supported thriving life on these lands. As a result, the overall enhancement of these areas has contributed to the appreciating value of the land.


Investing in these farmlands transcends mere financial gain; it encompasses immersive and delightful experiences. Co-farmers engaged with Hosachiguru have the opportunity to reside in charming cottages, engage in camping activities, stargaze, and revel in the beauty of nature.


Hosachiguru-managed farmlands epitomize a blend of rustic charm and modern amenities, fostering an environment that encourages mindfulness and consciousness. It’s about creating cherished memories with family while embracing a lifestyle that values the appreciation of nature’s wonders.


These managed farmlands aren’t just for making money. They help you connect with nature which adds immense intangible ROI to your life. Co-farmers and kids get to enjoy nature and take a break from screens. It’s a way to invest in happy experiences and a natural way of life.


Investing in suburban farmlands, especially managed ones, gives you a mix of real estate growth, farming potential, and a green lifestyle. It’s a smart choice for owning suburban land without worrying about trespassing or losing space. It’s an investment that grows money and keeps you close to nature.




Investing in  farmland for sale near Bangalore and its ever-expanding suburbs is a smart move, given the city’s limited space for growth. In the next two decades, places like Hoskote, Hindupur, Kanakpura, Doddaballapur, Chickballapur, Hosur, and Tumkur will see rapid expansion.


To secure a good return on investment, you should consider buying large, yet affordable agricultural spaces in these suburbs. These investments offer both tangible and intangible benefits. They ensure safety, a slower-paced life in harmony with nature, and a chance to create cherished memories with family.


Managed farmlands in these areas aren’t just about making money; they’re about a richer life. They guarantee land value growth, quality family time in nature, access to clean and healthy food, and an overall fulfilling lifestyle.


Investing in agricultural land for sale near Bangalore or in the suburbs isn’t just a financial choice; it’s about creating a meaningful and fulfilling life, harmonizing with nature, and enjoying the rewards it brings.


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