Sandalwood Cultivation

Sandalwood Cultivation – be a part of a thriving economical segment

Introduction Sandalwood was once considered as the primary source of Mysore state economy where the entire budget was planned based on sandalwood. Although India has been known for its sandalwood production for decades, it was largely confined to the forests of South Indian states and the plantations of these state governments. But, a policy change […]

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agricultural farmland in India

Advantages of investing in agricultural farmland in India

Most of us dream of owning a piece of agricultural land, where we can fulfill our passion for farming as well as use it as a weekend getaway. Investing in agricultural farmlands in India has great advantages; the major one being that income earned from and the profit made from selling the farmland are free […]

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Stop migrating

Stop migrating to cities, stay where you are!

India, the second most populated country in the world, has an average of 25-30 people migrating from rural areas to urban cities every minute. Many of these people migrate to find a better livelihood and lifestyle in the cities. As per ‘Invest India’, if migration from rural areas to urban cities continues at the same […]

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